Talk Africa: Zimbabwe’s new beginning     


Zimbabweans went to the polls on July 30th, the first time ever in 38 years without former long-serving president Robert Mugabe’s name on the ballot.

With voter turnout stood at over 70% percent, with incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa garnering 50.8 percent ahead of front-running opposition MDC party leader Nelson Chamisa’s 44.3 percent.

While Minagawa pledged unity, Chamisa decided to challenge the result in court, citing election fraud and believing his party had won the landmark vote.

Whatever the result of that petition however, the next president of Zimbabwe’s has his work cut out for him; fixing the economy, creating jobs, and now unifying a divided country.

All are historical but all need urgent solutions.

So can the elections provide a break with the past? And is Zimbabwe having a new beginning?

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