Media forum in Kigali explores ways to promote Rwanda, China cooperation

The Rwandese capital of Kigali recently hosted a media forum, aimed at promoting cooperation and building ties between Chinese and Rwandan media outlets.

Representatives from 10 Chinese and Rwandese media outlets attended the gathering, which was hosted by the State Council Information Office of China, and organized by Xinhua News Agency.

The participants expressed their shared willingness to speed up development in the face of challenges from digital media and new technologies.

They also explored ways of strengthening cooperation between media in the two countries, so as to tell better stories.

“We have been working with different media houses from China. And we have been receiving some support in area of capacity building and some equipment actually from China through the embassy of China based here in Kigali. So we would like to see this relationship continue and strengthened and it is timely with the visit of the president of China coming soon,” the Deputy Director General – Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, Claudine Delucco Uwanyiligira, said.

Huang Cheng, the Bureau Chief of CGTN Africa, addresses the gathering in Kigali.

His sentiments were echoed by the Bureau Chief of CGTN Africa, Huang Cheng, stressing on the need to tell factual stories, whether good or bad.

“Why do we have to sit down here today? I think it’s because we want to deepen the understanding and make more exchanges between the two countries media.  Media should report the facts and tell a good story. Whether it’s good or bad, everyone want to see the truth. So there are many things we both can cooperate with each other,” he said.

The forum was part of a three-day China-Rwanda cultural exchange program.