Uganda and Congo in deadly clashes

Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) soldiers deployed along the Uganda-DRC border line in Bundibugyo District. Four Ugandan soldiers have been killed in clashes on Lake Edward that lies between Uganda and DR Congo. FILE PHOTO | FELIX BASIME | NMG

Four Ugandan soldiers and three civilians were killed Thursday in clashes on Lake Edward that lies between the two countries, a senior official in the Democratic Republic of Congo revealed

According to the army, other clashes in the region between DR Congo forces and Ugandan rebels claimed 8 more lives

A DR Congo naval patrol was “attacked this morning by a Ugandan patrol boat in Congolese waters,” Donat Kibwana, the administrator of the Beni region in the eastern province of Nord-Kivu said.

“The Ugandan boat sank and four troops and three Ugandan civilians are dead,” he said. “On the Congolese side, a soldier and a civilian have been injured.”

The clash took place near the Congolese village of Kyavinyonge on Lake Edward.There has been no confirmation from the Ugandan side so far.

Kibwana said clashes between the forces of the two neighbouring countries had multiplied since the start of this month.

On Wednesday, a Ugandan patrol boat arrested 18 Congolese fishermen as they were casting their nets.Elsewhere on Thursday, three members of the local Mai-Mai militia were killed at Kanyihunga, about 50 kilometres north of Lake Edward after they attacked an army post.

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