Authorities in Netherlands call for a probe into Rwanda’s Arsenal sponsorship


Politicians in the Netherlands want an investigation into Rwanda’s recently announced sponsorship deal with EPL side Arsenal with some lawmakers there, and others in Germany and the UK, expressing concern by the multi-million dollar deal, at a time when the three countries contribute significant aid to Rwanda.

Visit Rwanda announced a three year agreement with Arsenal which will see its logo emblazoned on the sleeve of the side’s shirts. The partnership will see to it that the country promotes its tourism for three years.

Critics have faulted the move questioning why Rwanda used £30 million for the deal which is a lot of money that would have been spent on infrastructure and some other things, including ensuring Rwandans get themselves out of poverty.

But Rwanda insists the funding comes from existing tourism revenues – and hopes it will provide a major boost to the country’s tourist industry.

Tourism is Rwanda’s biggest foreign exchange earner giving the nation $400m a year and the country plans to double the revenues to $800m by 2024 and with such a bold move, the country will be marketing its tourism sector to a global audience.

CGTN’s Olly Barratt tells us more from London.