Nigerian lawmakers summon President Buhari over communal killings


Nigerian lawmakers are now demanding to know what President Muhammadu Buhari p[lans to about a recent spate of communal killings.

Hundreds of people have died in clashes this year between semi-nomadic herdsmen and settled farmers in central states, including 16 killed in an attack on a church in Benue on Tuesday.

Legislators voted on Wednesday to invite Mr. Buhari to the House of Representatives to speak with them directly about the situation in Benue, where the highest-profile killings have taken place. Other states in the region, including Taraba, Nasarawa and Kaduna are also experiencing violence.

The killings led the lower chamber of the legislature to pass a vote of no confidence in all security chiefs following the renewed clashes and called for the president to replace them.

Buhari ordered his police chief to relocate to Benue State in particular earlier this year. The police chief sent different formations to quell the violence. The army also announced making deployments to the state to compliment security efforts.

The violence has raised questions about the government’s ability to maintain security in the country, putting pressure on the president less than a year before an election he wants to contest.

No word yet on whether President Buhari has accepted the legislature’s invite.

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