Floods wreak havoc in Kenya capital



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Residents of Nairobi woke up to heavy traffic jams and flooded roads as rain pounded the Kenyan capital on Tuesday morning.

The rains that started at dawn left flood-prone areas submerged, with emergency services concerned on the fate of people living near river banks and riparian areas.

Floodwaters filled major streets and avenues in the city, with some commuters wading through it as they alighted from the public service vehicles (PSVs) matatus.

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For some, the hop, skip and jump tactic worked but for others that plan seemed futile.

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The floods, once again have brought to the fore the sorry state of the roads linking the city and cast a spotlight on the national and county government failure to fix the drainage system for decades

This coming in the wake of a warning by the Kenya Meteorological Services over the weekend that had warned of heavy downpour in the city that will continue throughout week.

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