DR Congo crisis to take center stage in SADC talks

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is holding a summit this week in Angola, in which the current crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo will take center stage.

According to a SADC spokesperson, the summit will be briefed about the political and security situation in the DR Congo, and the operationalization of the SADC Liaison Office in Kinshasa.

That office was opened last week, and is aimed at enhancing SADC presence in the country.

The regional body also hopes the Liaison Office can provide an avenue for closer collaboration with stakeholders, as well as enabling SADC to identify specific areas where its support is required, in liaison with the DR Congo Government.

The DR Congo has experienced heightened violence since December 2016, following the failure by President Joseph Kabila to step down at the end of his term.

Kabila stayed on as president after his country failed to conduct a vote to find his replacement. The electoral body said it was unable to hold the poll due to logistical challenges.

Opposition leaders however accused Kabila of frustrating the electoral process as a way of clinging on to power, allegations he denies.

The presidential election is however scheduled for 23 December.