Opposition leader says July vote critical for Zimbabwe’s future

Zimbabwe’s July election will be the most important in the current generation, and will be critical in restoring democracy and economic growth.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa earlier this year announced that the southern African nation will hold the vote before the end of July, the first in which former leader Robert Mugabe will not participate in since independence.

Having ruled for three decades, Mugabe resigned in November following a military takeover.

He was soon after replaced by Mnangagwa on a caretaker basis until elections are held.

In an interview with Bloomberg, opposition politician Tendai Biti said the election would serve to shape the future of Zimbabwe.

“It is the most important election of our lifetime because it has to answer the question of legitimacy,” he said.

“The quality of this election, the substantive content and outcome of the election are going to be key.”

The July vote will be the first in which Zimbabweans in diaspora will participate in, and also the first in which observer envoys from the West will be allowed to take part in.