Ethiopian Airlines says it serves over 4,000 Chinese passengers daily

Ethiopia’s national carrier on Wednesday said it serves around 4,000 Chinese passengers daily.

The airline said it even has a Chinese help desk to serve its clientele from the Asian country passing through or coming to Africa.

“We have a Chinese help desk here at the hub for passengers passing through here to Africa and coming back, we have Chinese dedicated staff here, we have Chinese crew on board, we have Chinese food, and we have Chinese call-center,” Managing Director of Ethiopian airline’s International Service Esayas Woldemariam said.

The airline, which is widely recognized as one of Africa’s fastest growing airlines, has been frequently expressing its interest to attract Chinese passengers into the African continent and beyond.

Woldemariam said the airline has strong aspirations to grow its relations with its Chinese customers towards “being the most Chinese-friendly transit hub and airline in the African continent.”

Ethiopian Airlines also celebrates Chinese festivals in a bid to attract its Chinese customers, which include a special event for Chinese nationals returning home for the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival every February.

The carrier is currently the biggest serving passenger and cargo between China and Africa, with 5 destinations in China that are Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou. The company has also finalized its preparations to add Shenzhen on the list.