Ethiopia, UN agree to bolster peacekeeping ties

Ethiopia and the United Nations have reached an agreement to boost strong peacekeeping ties.

In a press statement, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign affairs said that the agreement was made during discussions between the UN Under-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Deputy Minister of MoFA, Hirut Zemene.

Lacroix praised Ethiopia’s six decades old peacekeeping contribution to the world starting from the Korean war of 1950-53 to present day peacekeeping operations particularly in the Horn of Africa region in troubled nations like Somalia.

Zemene on her part called on the UN and partner nations to give sufficient assistance to peacekeeping operations in which Ethiopian soldiers are participating.

Ethiopia is currently the largest peacekeeping contributing nation in Africa and is among top four peacekeeping forces contributing nations globally.

The East African nation is also providing all the 4,400 troops deployed in the disputed Abyei region, between Sudan and South Sudan.