Egypt court upholds life sentence against Brotherhood leader



An Egyptian court  on Saturday upheld the life sentence against Mohamed Badie, head of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, over violence charges, this is according to judicial sources.

The court of cassation, Egypt’s top court that gives final verdicts, upheld the verdicts of life and rigorous imprisonment against Badie and 17 other Brotherhood members for their involvement in the armed sit-in and attempted murder.

While issuing the verdict the judges said that the defendants were accused of scheming a terrorist plot that aimed at vandalizing vital government facilities and places of worship, said the judge.

The reporter also adds that they are charged with directing the Brotherhood members to defy the government and to spread chaos in the country.

Most Brotherhood leaders, including ousted former President Mohamed Morsi and Badie, are currently in custody. Many of them received appealable death sentences and life imprisonments over various charges varying from inciting violence and murder to espionage and jailbreak.

Morsi himself is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence on charges of inciting clashes between his supporters and opponents outside a presidential palace in Cairo in late 2012 that left 10 people killed.

Life sentence in Egypt is 25 years in prison.

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