Algeria calls for “continental strategy” to stop terrorism funding

Algeria on Monday called upon African countries to draw up a continental strategy to counter terrorism financing in all its forms.

The comments were made at a high-level conference on countering terrorism financing in Africa, held in the capital Algiers.

The meeting was chaired by Algerian Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel, and was aimed at discussing the prevailing challenges facing efforts to determine the main financial sources of terrorism and cut them off.

In his opening speech, Messahel said there are 11 main terrorism financing sources, including drug and human-beings trafficking, illegal migration, ransoms from hostage taking, arms trafficking, counterfeit, piracy, begging, and money laundering.

The Algerian foreign minister urged the international community to work more closely to seek better cooperation to counter these terrorism financing sources, through sharing information and experiences.

He also called for drawing up a continental strategy to counter terrorism financing in its different forms, including the integration of economic and social development, modernizing economy, encouraging transparency and good governance.