Losing candidate to challenge Sierra Leone’s run-off poll results in court

Samura Kamara says he will challenge the Sierra Leonean run-off election results in court.

The losing candidate in Sierra Leone’s run-off election on Thursday said he would challenge the election results in court.

The ruling party’s Samura Kamara said the voting was marred by fraud, and that the results do not reflect the true will of Sierra Leoneans.

“Those results do not reflect the many concerns raised by the party about the massive ballot-stuffing, over-voting, fraudulent voter registers and other electoral irregularities,” he said.

Opposition candidate and former military junta leader Maada Bio was declared victor in the election late on Wednesday with 51.81 per cent of votes and was sworn in hours later.

“We are challenging the results and we will be taking the appropriate legal actions to get redress and have the result overturned,” Kamara added.

According to the country’s electoral commission, Maada Bio won with 51.81 per cent of the votes, against Samura Kamara who took 48.19 per cent.

In his first speech after being declared winner, Maada Bio said his win signalled a new era for Sierra Leone.

“(This is) the dawn of a new era. The people of this great nation have voted to take a new direction (cheer). We are honoured and privileged to serve the new government of Sierra Leone,” he said.