Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia officials meet in Khartoum to resolve Nile dam row


Egyptian, Sudanese and Ethiopian officials are meeting in Khartoum in another effort to iron out differences over the Grand Renaissance Dam.

Spokesperson of Egypt’s foreign ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid confirmed than his country had sent a delegation to attend the talks, including Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry.

Abu Zeid said the meeting will attempt to settle points of disagreement held by the tripartite technical committee in the negotiations, in addition to discussing the introductory report of the consultative office before it prepares to study the effects of the dam’s construction.

Cairo has long expressed fears that building the dam will threaten water supplies that have fed Egypt’s agriculture and economy for thousands of years.

Ethiopia is constructing on its share of the Nile River and hopes the dam will help make it Africa’s biggest power exporter. Addis Ababa is playing down fears that the dam will threaten Egypt’s water supply.

In December, Egypt sought help from the United Nations in the resolving of the row with Ethiopia.

Earlier this year, President el-Sisi said that his country would not go to war with her neighbours over the dispute, saying a solution would be found in due course.

Ethiopian PM Desalegn traveled to Egypt on 17 January for talks, but no substantive solution was reported.

Egyptian, Ethiopian and Sudanese leaders met again in Cairo on 30 January, where they pledged to resolve a long-standing dispute amicably.

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