Talk Africa: A conversation with Wanuri Kahiu


For the first time, a Hollywood movie featuring African superheroes has swept global box offices, reaping over a US$ 1 billion in just a few weeks’ time.

The phenomenal success of Black Panther has become the latest hype in the global movie scene and creates a lot of debate and excitement particularly here in Africa.

So will Black Panther change how African stories are portrayed in movies?  Can Wakanda’s success be replicated in Africa?

On Talk Africa this week, we’re joined by Wanuri Kahiu, a celebrated Kenyan film director, producer, public speaker and author.

In 2009, her sci-fi feature “Pumzi” garnered 11 out of 24 nominations at the 5th Africa Film Academy Awards.  Since then, Wanuri has made her mark as a pioneering African storyteller, envisioning Africa in the future, where science is part and parcel of the African narrative.

Wanuri discusses her works, African women in film, Afrofuturism and Black Panther.