UN peacekeepers to remain in DR Congo until election is held

The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution allowing the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo to stay until March 2019.

The Council agreed that the peacekeeping mission will help the DR Congo prepare for the presidential election slated for December.

This will include voter registration and monitoring of human rights abuses during that period.

The DR Congo has been dogged by unrest since December 2016 following the failure by President Joseph Kabila to step down at the end of his mandate.

The electoral authority said it was not in a position to conduct the vote due to logistical challenges.

Opposition leaders however accused Kabila of frustrating the electoral process in order to cling on to power, accusations he denied.

Earlier, the BBC news agency reported a government spokesperson to say the country was determined to foot the bill for the election in order to avoid outside interference.