Heavy rains wreak havoc in many parts of Kenya


Heavy downpours and floods in various parts of Kenya have led to a number of deaths, as well as destruction of some of the country’s infrastructure.

Authorities say they are still compiling the death toll but expect it to rise as heavy rainfall is expected in much of the country over the coming days.

The Daily Nation reports of at least 15 people being killed and scores other injured by the heavy rains that have been pounding parts of Kenya in the last 72 hours.

The rains wreaked havoc in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, Mt Kenya and parts of Coast, Eastern and northeastern.

Residents in low lying areas have been urged to move to higher ground as several rivers have breached their banks.

“Residents should not attempt to walk in moving water or drive through since the water can be deeper and more fast moving than it appears. Keep to safe ground until flooding subsides. Drivers should avoid speeding because the roads become slippery and visibility also reduces when heavy rains occur,” Kenya’s Meteorological department director Peter Ambenje said.

He also cautioned residents living in lightning prone areas to avoid sheltering under tall trees or next to grilled windows in houses or walking in the open fields when it is raining.



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