Amnesty Int’l wants probe into Niger Delta oil spills re-opened


Rights group Amnesty International has called on the Nigerian government to re-open investigations into oil spills in the Niger Delta.

The organization accuses oil companies Shell and Eni of publishing misleading information on the causes and quantities of oil spills in Nigeria’s Niger Delta.

In its report, the campaign group said contrary to claims by Shell and Eni that they are doing everything they can to prevent oil spills, Amnesty’s activists claim the companies often ignore reports of oil spills for months.

They noted that on one occasion Eni took 430 days to respond to one spill, even though Nigeria’s regulations require them to respond within 24 hours.

Shell and Eni are expected to respond to the report but they constantly deny any wrong doing.

Amnesty International says it will present its findings to the Nigerian government.

If the report gets the endorsement of the government, it would offer several communities that have suffered oil spills the opportunity to hold the oil companies to account – possibly suing them, for not paying them compensation.

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