Heavy rains cause floods in several parts of Kenya


Thursday’s morning downpour has flooded several parts of Kenya, wreaking havoc for commuters and business operators in the country.

The floods were also an opportunity for some people to come up with creative means of helping others cross over to safe grounds.

According to the Kenya Meteorological Department, heavy rains in most parts of the country are expected to continue.

“Most parts of the country are expected to continue receiving seasonal rainfall, though with reduced intensity, during the week as the short rains have established, with enhanced rainfall expected over parts of northeast and parts of highlands west and east of the Rift Valley towards the end of the week,” Kenya Meteorological Department director Peter Ambenje said .

The department further warned that heavy downpour could cause devastating effects in most parts of the country.

Kenyans have been sharing images and videos of the flooded areas on Twitter.



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