Sierra Leone election results delayed due to recount

The NEC stressed to the public that no votes had been cancelled so far. Image courtesy: The Daily African

The elections body of Sierra Leone, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) says it is set to undertake a further recount of votes at 72 polling stations, but hopes to declare final results by the end of Tuesday.

The NEC stressed to the public that no votes had been cancelled so far.

“The NEC will recount ballot papers cast in a further 72 polling stations, in addition to the 82 polling stations identified for recount and reported to the public yesterday,” the statement said.

Aside from the recount figures, the country is still waiting for 25% of votes that were cast in the presidential race. On March 11, the body released 75% of official figures – where the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) was leading the current All Peoples Congress (APC).


Mohamed Conteh, chair of the electoral commission, told the people of Sierra Leone that “everything is being done to safeguard the choice made” during the election on March 7.

Conteh also mentioned that investigations against some electoral officials were underway in some districts.

A run-off presidential election between the first and second placed candidates is held two weeks after the certification of the results, unless a candidate wins 55% in the first round.