Two cyclists die during Cape Town Cycle Tour

Capetown Cycle Tour is in its 40th year. Around 35,000 competitors from all over the world compete. [Photo-AFP]
A second cyclist has died during the Capetown Cycle Tour after succumbing to a suspected heart attack earlier on Sunday.

He was the second cyclist to die during the race, which is the largest in the world.

“The first was a trauma incident just before 9:00 this morning on the M3 southbound in which a group of 20 cyclists were involved in a pile up,” Nicole Felix from the tour’s media office said.

“One of the cyclists succumbed to the injuries he sustained in this incident.”

The 40-year-old’s name was not released as the family had asked that their privacy be respected during this time.

“In the second incident a male participant succumbed to a suspected heart attack at Smitswinkel Bay at approximately 10:22. Once again we are respecting the family’s wishes and not releasing his name.”

Now in it’s 40th year, the Cape Town Cycle Tour sees around 35 000 cyclists participating each year.

The event saw 30,000 cyclists take part in what is the largest timed cycle race in the world.