#SierraLeoneDecides: Election run-off likely to happen as ballot counting continues


Civil society organizations have projected an election run off for the presidential vote in the Sierra Leone elections.

Local and international civil society organisations who were observing the elections that have been seen as the most competitive have said none of the candidates will secure the 55% constitutional threshold required to be declared outright winner.

Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) on Friday issued a statement on the results so far amidst speculations and rumours in the country’s social media.

The statement which showed the progress so far indicated three out of sixteen districts had 50% or more of their results counted and only two showed more than 75% completed.

The country’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) are the only ones who can declare the official results on Thursday said data entry was underway and accuracy would take precedence over speed.

The National Elections Watch (NEW) while acknowledging the fact that only the NEC can declare official results say they used the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) tool which gives accurate and timely information on an election’s conduct and counting at polling stations.

The observer group had deployed over 10,000 election observers at every polling station in the country and assigned 3 observers at the regional tallying centers.

The PVT is a standard election tool that is able to provide estimates of the official results, NEW says.

Meanwhile, the people of Sierra Leone have been commended by the Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) for being peaceful and orderly in the way they conducted themselves during the election up to now.

The COG in a press conference held on Friday in the capital Freetown concluded that the voting, closing & counting process at the polling stations was credible & transparent.

The leader of the team, former Ghanaian President John Mahama said:  “The elections were inclusive, we witnessed the participation of the elderly and disabled voters, and were encouraged by the presence of the women and youth as voters and officials.”

Civil society organizations have urged all political players that may feel aggrieved by the ultimate outcome of the election to seek legal redress.