U.K. to build prison wing in Nigeria to transfer Nigerian prisoners

The U.K. will build a new wing at Kirikiri Prison in the Nigerian city of Lagos to enable it transfer Nigerian prisoners there.

The new wing will host 112 beds, and will cost about US$973,000.

The U.K says the wing will be constructed to be compliant with the United Nations standards, thereby complying with a prisoner transfer agreement it signed with the West African country in 2014.

Under the agreement, the two countries stipulated that nationals of both sides serving criminal sentences in the opposite ends can be returned to their countries of origin to complete their respective sentences there.

The U.K. government did not however indicate when the construction of the new wing would be completed, or when it would transfer the prisoners there.

Many Nigerian prisons were built by the U.K. during the colonial era, more than 100 years ago.

Though Kirikiri is not one of the oldest prisons in the country, it does date back to colonial times.

In a written statement to parliament, U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said tenders had been placed and a supplier identified to conduct the building work at Kirikiri. He did not name the supplier.