Two French soldiers killed in Mali attack: Elysee

A French soldier from the 12th armored regiment talks with members of the Malian Armed Forces during Operation Barkhane in Inaloglog, Mali, on October 17: Reuters

Two French soldiers were killed after their armoured vehicle was hit by an explosive device in Mali, the French president’s office said on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

Around 4,000 French troops have been deployed in the West Africa’s Sahel region as past of Operation Barkhane aimed at tackling islamist militants in the region.

Mali has seen several attacks from militants including a deadly raid of a tourist resort in Bamako last year.

More than 100 UN soldiers have also died in attacks, making it the most deadly UN mission to date.

Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mauritania have formed the G5 force, an anti-terror force that will include 5,000 soldiers from each of the Sahel countries.