AU Summit: Africa’s war on corruption

The African Union has earmarked 2018 as the African year of anti-corruption, with the theme of the recently concluded AU summit – Winning the Fight Against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation.

It is a broad theme and a tough task for African nations. But it comes at a time when efforts to ensure greater transparency in government are increasingly paying off, even if there has so far been little success in relation to ruling parties and sitting heads of state in Africa.

So then, what were the major outcomes of the discussions at the 30th African Union Summit? And what will it take for Africa to win its war against corruption?

Here is Beatrice Marshall’s discussion with Edwin Ikhuoria, Policy manager at the ONE campaign in Nigeria, and Gareth van Onselen, Head of Politics & Governance at the South African Institute of Race Relations to find out more.