High up in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the Berber people live a simple-rural lifestyle.

A Berber child looks down from the cliff face in the tiny village of Tadmamt in the Atlas Mountains. Home to 250 people, this far-flung village has had to overcome harsh weather conditions to survive.

The Berber people of Morocco still use traditional farming methods to help sustain the community. Pictured: A Berber woman leads her cow down to graze.

A horse stands on the roof of one of the Berber houses in Tadmamt, Rabat, Morocco.

Across North Africa, the Berber people dress in various fashions. In Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, the Berber women style a more colourful dress-wear.

A Berber lady walks the dusty path through the village of Tadmamt, Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

An old Berber lady leads her through the village of Tadmamt after working the farm

The unforgiving landscape of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Where thousands of Berbers reside.

Throughout the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, thousands of small Berber houses cling to the side of cliffs.