Africa leads in number of least reported humanitarian cases worldwide

Burundian women collect firewood outside Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania. [Photo credit: UNHCR]

Burundian women collect firewood outside Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania.
[Photo credit: UNHCR]
International aid organization CARE on Monday launched a new report highlighting the ten least reported humanitarian crises globally in 2017.

While the report dubbed “Suffering in Silence” shows that North Korea received the least media attention globally, crises around Africa accounted for seven of the ten situations highlighted.

The African crises that rarely hit the headlines were from Eritrea, Burundi, Sudan, Central African Republic, DRC, Mali and the Lake Chad Basin (Niger, Cameroon, Chad).

Other crises highlighted by the report are Vietnam and Peru.

“We all know that a single photo can make the world turn its attention to an issue. But the people in the countries featured in CARE’s report are far away from the cameras and microphones of this world”, CARE International’s Interim Secretary General Laurie Lee said.

“These crises might not make the media headlines, but that does not mean we can forget about them,” he added.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi added his voice onto the issue, saying that media attention played an important role in securing adequate funding for humanitarian responses in troubled regions.

“The media plays a vital role in drawing public attention to forgotten and neglected crises,” he said.

Grandi urged world leaders to resolve conflicts address the root causes that are driving them in order to ensure 2018 becomes a better year.

According to the UNHCR, the overview for 2018 requires US$22.5 billion to help almost 91 out of 135 million people in urgent need.