Zimbabwe fires more than 30 police commanders

Retired Deputy Commissioner-General Innocent Matibiri: Photo, Herald

Zimbabwe’s government has fired more than 30 senior police commanders in a move aimed at improving the police force, local online website, the Herald reports.

Those fired were of the rank of assistant commissioner and above and were served with retirement letters on Thursday.

Police in the southern African country had become deeply unpopular for their traffic checkpoints, which many motorists and foreign tourists saw as a means of shaking down drivers for money, Reuters said.

After the military coup in the nation, police returned on the streets but with orders not to harass motorists.

Acting police chief, Godwin Matanga told the Herald that “something is happening” but would not comment further when asked about the firing of the officers.

When sworn in last year, Mnangagwa swore to fight corruption in the country and revive the economy.