China committed to investing in Zimbabwe’s development

China’s relations with Zimbabwe continue to go from strength to strength.

As Zimbabwe works hard to turn around its economic fortunes, China has become the southern African nation’s largest investor, taking up various projects in the country.

Since President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s appointment, the country has been strengthening ties with its allies and trying to mend relations with former enemies.

“As China’s ambassador to Zimbabwe my job is to work more close (with Zimbabwe) to implement the strong willingness of our two (Presidents), making sure that our cooperation goes well so as to lay a solid foundation for this friendship to grow”, Huang Ping said.

The latest collaboration is the 600 megawatt extension of Hwange Power Station.

China reaffirmed its commitment to facilitate the $1.5 billion upgrade.

“Strong cordial relations with China would be sustained and solidified for the benefit of all people from the two countries. It is also important to know that China is the biggest investor, actually, in (Zimbabwe). There are a number of projects across the country, which is of great benefit to the entirety of our people,” Simon Kaya Moyo, the energy minister said.

To further cement ties and discuss future projects between the two countries, President Xi Jinping has invited President Mnangagwa to visit China.