Chinese firm to manufacture machinery spare parts in Kenya


A Chinese spare parts manufacturer company, XCMG Tisco, has opened its doors in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, a move that aims to boost the market in terms of ease of access to parts and pricing.

Since inception in 1989, XCMG has played a vanguard role in the construction machinery industry, and now it has set its sights on East Africa.

“We find a lot of pleasure to be in Kenya and to be in the construction industry where we are almost the third if not the fourth supplier of equipment in this market. Our strong point being cranes in the port, cranes in the construction and mining industry and also we are market leaders in terms of road construction.” Stanley Kefa Ofula, Sales Manager at the XCMG East Africa said.

The company says it picked Kenya for its favourable business environment.

“The weather is good and also the people friendly especially economic & political stability. For heavy construction machinery needs more spare parts and service so for us, spare parts and service is the number one thing to do.” Zhang Yuanxiang, Director XCMG Tisco Construction said.

XCMG Tisco is also committed to technology transfer in line with economic developments of the host country.

“First one is training & improves technical for the machinery takes it to China or in Kenya to train more local people can get more jobs.” Yuanxiang said.

This opening also marks a deepening in the cooperation between China and Kenya

“We want to see these will set up a good example in Kenya and in Africa that with stronger collaboration between china and African countries the economic development as well as achieve global 2030 agenda. The cooperation is not only one way traffic; we are hoping to see that the collaboration and change could be two way traffic.” Zhang Shigang, Policy and Program Division, UN Environment said.

China has increased in significance as a development partner, and a source of funding for large scale infrastructural development projects in Kenya.

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