Two dead in Table Mountain climbing incident

Rescue mission at Table mountain [Photo Credit : Twitter @Rayvan89]
Rescue mission at Table mountain [Photo Credit : Twitter @Rayvan89]

Two men were killed while climbing Cape Town’s Table Mountain and hundreds of people were later stranded during a dramatic rescue operation for the climbers.

Two men and a woman were walking up Arrow Final when they fell. Both men died in the accident. The cable car was used to get to the trio, leaving over 800 people stuck on the mountain for over five hours.

Wilderness Search and Rescue retrieved the bodies, and the woman was taken down the mountain by cable car late on Monday night.

Dramatic tweets followed up online with one from @HantiO showing one of the first responders performing CPR on one of the victims

Mountain Safety however commended visitors for their patience, for keeping calm and working with the authorities. as they resume normal operations this morning

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