Uganda charges 45 Rwandans with terrorism

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said they were moving with forged documents and identifications that point to acts of terrorism. Photo : Daily monitor

Uganda has charged 45 Rwandans who are detained at a police station in the country’s Jinja District with terrorism, local online website, Daily Monitor reports.

The Rwandans were arrested two weeks ago at the Uganda-Tanzania border while moving with forged documents.

According to the police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, the 45 were arrested while trying to enter the country with illegal documents and identifications that point to acts of terrorism.

“Forty-three suspects were arrested on their way out of the country travelling on forged documents and false identities. Two suspects were arrested in Kampala and were some of their collaborators. Later, after questioning, police found that they are culpable of more serious offences than forgery, including terrorism,” Mr Kayima said in a statement issued out to the media yesterday, the report said.

The suspects’ lawyer said that they were Rwandan refugees from Nakivale settlement camp in Mbarara District and comprised women and children. They said they were arrested while travelling to Tanzania for a Christian fellowship and transferred to Nalufenya in Jinja, about 350km away from the scene of arrest, the report said.

Kayima dismissed claims that the suspects are Rwandan refugees, stating that they are Rwandan nationals who migrated to Uganda and were living in different parts of the country.