Yemeni rebels threaten to strike Somaliland’s Berbera port

Yemen’s Houthi rebel groups have threatened to strike Somaliland’s Berbera port should authority in Somaliland continue its lease agreement to the United Arab Emirates.

Somaliland – a semi-autonomous region in Somalia – is reported to have signed a deal with the UAE to have the latter use the Berbera Port as a military base.

In a video posted online, the group commander warned they would use their ballistic missiles should Somaliland continue with the move.

“We are telling Somaliland authorities that our rockets will reach Berbera, should you continue your intention to prove Berbera as a base for UAE military.” an unnamed Houthi commander said in the video.

The rebels have launched missiles to Saudi Arabia on several occasions, so in theory they can strike Berbera across the narrow gap of the Gulf of Aden.