Ethiopian MPs boycott parliament over Oromia, Amhara stand-off


Days back, the Ethiopian parliament was supposed to hold several meetings, including one that was meant to discuss constitutional benefits of the Oromia region.

The meetings were however cancelled after several Members of Parliament demanded that the region’s residents first discuss the matter before the national house meets on it.

Other sessions were also cancelled after some MPs demanded explanations from Prime minister Hailemariam Deslaegn over the death and damages caused by ethnic violence in the East African country.

The MPs say it’s pointless to gather and continue business as usual when there are no explanations as to why ethnic violence is worsening in Ethiopia.

It’s however not yet known if and when the PM will provide the information the law makers want.

From Oromia to Amhara regional states, huge anti-government protests were witnessed against what protesters called political and economic marginalization.

To make matters worse more than 60 people were also recently killed caused by clashes between the Oromos and Ethio-Somalis.

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