Botswana reacts to U.S. threat over UN Jerusalem vote

Botswana has condemned a perceived U.S. threat of cutting aid to any nation that did not vote in its favour in the United Nations resolution on Jerusalem.

The Ministry of International Affairs has called Nikki Haley’s communication threatening and grossly inappropriate.

In the communication, Haley said President Trump will be watching the countries that voted against the U.S., and has instructed Haley to give him the list.

“As you consider your vote, I want you to know that the President and US take this vote personally,” Haley is reported to have said before the vote.

Botswana says it will not be intimidated and would exercise its sovereign right to vote.

The country on Thursday voted in favour of the resolution, and encouraged all other UN member states to do so as well.

Generally, 128 countries voted in favour of the measure, nine countries – including the U.S. and Israel – objected, while 35 nations abstained.

The official UN position is that Jerusalem is a “final status” issue to be decided at the end of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. No member country therefore bases their embassy in Jerusalem.