Kenya spends $200 million to upgrade internal container depot

It’s been more than six months since the Kenya Standard Gauge Railway line opened, linking the coastal city of Mombasa to the capital Nairobi. Now the next key extension is being worked on, as well as upgrading crucial facilities.

As CGTN’s Soni Methu explains

The SGR is helping transform transport in Kenya – but it’s also designed to boost trade across the region. This container depot, just outside Nairobi, will help. More than two hundred million dollars has been spent upgrading the depot, so it’s more efficient in handling more imports coming into East Africa along the SGR.

This Inland Container Depot will be a one stop shop. All government agencies involved in Cargo clearing process will be housed here, and that, government says will increase the efficiency of clearing and forwarding cargo.

There’s been a depot here more than 30 years.

The revamped operation has new arrivals and departure facilities and handling equipment.

Goods arriving in Mombasa will be delivered here for clearance, rather than sitting at the port.

The revamped depot’s due to begin full operations, from January.

In time, the line will cross into Uganda – and from there across the region.