Clashes between rival football fans in Algeria leave one dead

Derby pitting two rival clubs in Algeria saw fans from the clubs clash leaving one person dead, official at the country’s football federation said on Sunday.

Two more people are reported to have been seriously injured in the violence on Friday at the match between Ain el Kebira and Ain Touila in the Setif regional league.

Fans threw projectiles at each other in the stands, invaded the pitch and later clashed outside the stadium, the AFP reports.

The El Khabar newspaper said the 25-year-old man who was killed suffered a stab wound to the heart after leaving the stadium.

Stadiums in the North African country are the scene of regular clashes between rival fans.

The death of Cameroon striker Albert Ebosse in 2014 sent shock waves through Algerian football with calls for the government to take stringent measures to curb fan violence.

The JS Kabylie player died after being hit by a missile thrown from the stands after a league match, according to Algerian officials.