AU celebrates 10th anniversary of adopting African Charter

Former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama says the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, has transformed Africa over the last decade.

Mahama says the recent events in Zimbabwe showcased how strong the African Union has become since the adoption of the charter.

“Recently it was interesting when we are following the events in Zimbabwe everybody was confused whether to call it a coup or a military intervention or I don’t know what else other coinage we could have gotten. Happily the vice president was sworn in and I think things are normalising in that country. But it shows you the effects and strength that the AU has in terms of making sure that all our countries fall in line and do not allow unconstitutional replacement of governments to take place,” he said.

While celebrating the ten years anniversary of the adoption of Africa’s charter on democracy, elections and governance, the AU is holding a high level meeting which has brought together over 300 participants including 50 out of 55 member states.

The aim of the talks here is to take stalk of the democratisation of Africa over the past ten years and examine the challenges faced in the process.

The AU, however, is still grappling with the challenges of fully implementing the charter.

So far 45 nations have signed the charter and only one state – Togo has submitted an initial state report on the implementation of commitments of the charter.

Seven nations including Egypt, Morocco, Zimbabwe and Eritrea are yet to sign this important charter.