Zimbabwe army, police to conduct joint patrols


Police and army in Zimbabwe will conduct joint patrols especially in the capital Harare’s central business district, as the country returns to normalcy.

According to a report on state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), the two security organs released a joint statement urging the nation to remain united and to respect the laws of the country.

Colonel Everson Mugwisi represented the ZDF while Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba represented the ZRP at the press briefing.

Police chief Augustine Chihuri was booed by the crowd at the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday. He was accused of siding with Mr Mugabe and his wife, Grace, in their power struggle with Mr Mnangagwa.

Police were not seen on the streets immediately after the military took over forcing former president Mugabe to resign as president after 37 years of leading the country.

The statement also informed all citizens that the police were now “assuming” their role of maintaining law and order and guaranteeing the safety of citizens assuring the nation that all its operations would be “people-centred” in accordance with Mr Mnangagwa’s vision.

The Zimbabwe police have been accused by citizens of being corrupt and setting up unnecessary road blocks to demand bribes.

The army on the other hand has been praised for helping oust Mugabe, describing it as “the voice of the people”.

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