UN condemns rise in human rights violations in DR Congo


The United Nations has condemned a spike in human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In October alone, MONUSCO, the UN’s mission in the DR Congo, found 704 violations in the country, including extra-judicial killings and rape. The report also says children were among the victims of the violence.

These latest figures show a 60% rise in just two months.

In August there were 441 violations, in September that number rose to 644 and now it’s up again to 704.

Some people are blaming this spike in violence on street protests that have broken out against President Joseph Kabila, who’s been in power since 2001.

Kabila failed to step down at the end of his mandate in December 2016 after the country failed to hold elections.

The electoral authority said it was not able to conduct the vote due to logistical challenges.

The UN mission has been in the DRC since 1999, and their latest mandate is to protect civilians and support the government in its stabilization efforts.

As of September, the UN had more than 16,000 military personnel on the ground in the DRC

But as this sharp rise in human rights violations in recent months shows, the UN is finding it increasingly difficult to protect citizens as the political situation in the country gets increasingly volatile.

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