Thieves steal US$ 500,000 from Kenyan bank in movie-esque style

The tunnel used by the thieves to access the bank's strong room.
The tunnel used by the thieves to access the bank’s strong room.

Kenyan police are hunting for robbers who stole more than US$ 500,000 from a local bank on Sunday night, in a movie-like manner.

The robbery which occurred in Thika town located to the west of the capital Nairobi, left many residents shocked and only making comparisons with a movie plot.

The thieves dug an underground tunnel that led directly to the bank’s strong room, where they made away with the hefty loot without being discovered.

Local Daily Nation reports local police sources to say the robbers used oxy-acetylene flame to drill holes into the safes.

The police also said that the branch manager only realized that the bank had been robbed at around 8AM local time on Monday when he opened the bank’s strong room.

“The robbers must have had an informer working at the bank who guided them into where the safes are kept,” Nation quotes Thika Deputy Police Commander Bernard Ayoo to say. “Investigations are ongoing.”

Similar robberies have been reported in Brazil. In 2005, thieves dug a tunnel that led to the Banco Central branch in Fortaleza and stole more than US$ 50 million.

Just last month, 16 men were arrested in Sao Paolo after digging a 1,600ft tunnel underneath a bank so they could get to its vaults.


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