Zimbabwe war vets planned anti-Mugabe rally kicks off

Protest calling for the resignation of embattled Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe scheduled for Saturday received a green light from police in the country’s capital Harare.

The Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association, ZNWVA, called for the protest under the theme “Solidarity with Zimbabwe Army Intervention and Call for Mugabe to Resign” and will take place at the Zimbabwe grounds.

As of Saturday morning according to CGTN’s Farai Mwakutuya, the veterans had already gathered and chanting anti-Mugabe slogans and praising the military. The war veterans have mobilised thousands of its members and their families to participate in this march. First 6 buses had already arrived at Zimbabwe grounds from Bulawayo with the veterans at 8am Saturday morning.

On Friday, the former fighters gave Mugabe a 24 hour ultimatum hand over power. The ruling ZANU PF has also initiated a process to recall the embattled leader.


Many Zimbabweans have thronged Harare streets carrying flags and celebrating what they are calling a new dawn. They have been tweeting and expressing their solidarity with the war veterans.




Leader of the ZNWVA, Chris Mutsvanga on Friday at a press conference said there was no going back with the quest for Mugabe to leave after 37 years in charge of Zimbabwe, africanews.com reports.

“There is no going back about Mugabe, period. And that’s what we are saying, that’s why we are bringing all the population of Zimbabwe. We have indicated that we want their support tomorrow. We have declared as war veterans, that is the message, there is no going back, he must leave.”

Leaders of Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party met on Friday to draft a resolution to dismiss President Robert Mugabe at the weekend and lay the ground for his impeachment next week if he refuses to stand down, a senior party source said.

“All 10 Zanu PF Provinces have resolved to direct Central Committee to recall the President and ask him to stand down as party leader. Vice President Mnangagwa be restored and assume leadership of the party in an acting capacity until Congress. Thank you Comrades,” Nick Mangwana said in a tweet.


93-year-old Robert Mugabe despite being under arrest was allowed by the army to attend a graduation ceremony in the capital. There are reports that he has asked to be allowed to stay in charge until December when the ruling ZANU-PF goes to congress to elect new leaders.

The ZNWVA was established by former combatants of the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army and Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army who served during the Rhodesian Bush War.