Africa closely following CPC Congress


The African continent is closely following the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) 19th National Congress, taking place at the Great Hall of the People in the center of the Chinese capital, Beijing.

Africa’s interest in the discussions at the Congress is well warranted, as China is the continent’s biggest trading partner.

The Asian nation enjoys good relations with most countries on the continent, and Ethiopia is one of them.

Ethiopia’s minister for communication affairs Negeri Lencho hailed the relations between China and his country.

According to Lencho, China support has led to the growth of Ethiopia’s economy and infrastructure.

“Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies and China has been supporting Ethiopia growth and development in different sectors. We can say China is one of the countries that Ethiopia counts on regarding developments,” Lencho said.

The minister also urged both countries to continue fostering their relations.

“We would want to congratulate the people of China, as well as the government of China and hope these relations will continue,” he said.

The East African country looks forward to deepening relations as China holds its twice-in-a-decade meeting that outlines its blue print for the future.

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