Former Lesotho army chief arrested

A former head of Lesotho’s army has been arrested over unspecified offences committed during his four year stay at the position, police said on Friday.

Lieutenant General Tlali Kamoli was taken in for questioning on Wednesday, the police said, declining to give further details.

The former army chief’s detention comes just a month after another senior army official was arrested for the killing of Kamoli’s successor and two other officers in an army barracks.

Opposition members at the time said the September killings were part of a failed mutiny.

Kamoli left the job in December last year.

“We don’t know how long he will remain in detention. This will be determined by the interrogation,” Reuters quotes police spokesperson Inspector Mpiti Mopeli.

The southern African nation has been beset by coups and periodic political violence since gaining independence in 1966. It has been on a political knife-edge since an attempted coup in 2014 and June national elections that failed to produce an outright winner.

Source: Reuters