Billions lost after fire hits tyre firm in Tanzania

Billions lost after fire hits tyre firm in Tanzania (Photo by the Citizen)

Property worth billions of shillings went up in smoke after a fire razed a warehouse belonging to trailer manufacturers Superdoll in Tanzania’s capital Dar es salaam on Friday, the Citizen reports.

Speaking to journalists, Mr Jamal Bayser, the company’s administrative director said that among the goods lost were brand new tyres which were recently imported.

Efforts to put out the fire did not yield much, and the full extent of the damage could not be ascertained by the time we went to press. “We tried to collaborate with the City Council and the airport Fire and Rescue Brigade soon after the fire erupted but the exercise turned out to be complicated,” the report quotes him say.

Reports from the scene suggested that water shortages significantly contributed to delays by the rescue teams to put out the fire.

But the Fire and Rescue Brigade commander for Temeke District, Mr Loshipay Laizer, blamed company owners for delaying with information saying it complicated the exercise.

Regional Police Commander Emmanuel Lukala said investigations would begin immediately to determine the source of the fire.

The warehouse on Nyerere Road, close to Quality Centre, is mainly reserved for storing tyres.

The rescue team tried to stop the fire from spreading to the trailers and fuel tanks.

According to a witness, the fire caught them by surprise because it was normal for the company to burn wastes, which is done on Sundays.

According to him, it was only after the fire had started spreading that people realised something was wrong.

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