Heavy rains in eastern DR Congo kill five family members

Five family members were killed after their house collapsed during heavy rain in a village in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a local official said on Friday.

“The torrential rain on Thursday night caused significant damage. Under pressure from the water, a house collapsed on five members of the same family” in the village of Lushebere, Emmanuel Batunzi, administrator of Masisi territory in the troubled North Kivu province, told AFP.

“The five bodies of the victims were removed from the rubble this morning,” Batunzi said on Friday.

Heavy rain and flooding are common in this forested and mountainous region.

The vast country has experienced several natural disasters caused by torrential rain. More than a hundred people were killed in August when a landslide swept over a fishing village in the neighbouring province of Ituri.

In May 2010, a wall of mud swept through the eastern village of Kibiriga, killing 19 people and leaving 27 missing. And in 2002, about 50 people died when a wave of mud and rocks struck the town of Uvira, submerging about 150 homes