Algeria has arrested 2,630 illegal migrants this year


Algerian Coast Guard has arrested 2,630 illegal Algerian migrants who attempted to reach Europe since the beginning of this year, TSA website reported on Friday.

The number of illegal migrants detained has increased quarter by quarter, with 592 for the first quarter and 795 for the second and 1,243 for the third, TSA quoted a statement from Defense Ministry released on Thursday as saying.

Coast Guard arrested them in boats at several Algerian ports planning to leave for the west and north coast of Mediterranean, including France, Italy and Spain.

The figures provided by the Algerian authorities were only a small fraction of the total number of illegal migrants and a larger number of them had managed to sneak overseas, said an anonymous social analyst.

The source said the increasing number is in parallel with the economic crisis in the North African country and the subsequent social stress.

Algeria has signed cooperation agreements with some European states in order to reduce illegal immigration. The arrested migrants will face imprisonment and financial penalty from Algerian authorities.

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