Ethiopia to launch probe into Oromo-Somali clashes

Ethiopia is set to launch an investigation into deadly clashes between two of the country’s largest ethnic groups, the Oromo and Somali peoples.

According to the government, hundreds of people have been killed since the conflict broke out in early September, with thousands more driven from their homes.

Authorities in the capital Addis Ababa say the troubles have now spilled over the border, into Somaliland.

The two ethnic groups have argued for years over their shared border.

The latest flare-up was triggered by the killing of two Oromo officials – allegedly by Somali security forces.

Security authorities say troops have now been sent in to quell the troubles – and that things are calmer now.

The deployment however comes after about 50,000 people were forced to flee their homes.

There have also been reports of deaths, though the government is yet to confirm the toll.

“We can say hundreds of the Oromo ethnicity were killed and there were also deaths from the Somali side, we don’t know exactly how many,” Government Spokesperson Negeri Lencho said.

He said the government will prosecute any officials involved in the fighting.

“The system doesn’t allow any of the administrators of any of the regions to kill our citizens and also to displace our citizens.”