Nigeria to roll out bicycles to help decongest traffic


The Nigerian government is set to introduce bicycles as a major mode of transport – to decongest traffic.

Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja will be a model city for the project.

According to Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transport, the recent National Council on Transportation meeting, chose Abuja as pilot because it already had cycling facilities.

“We decided that we do it in Abuja because if you check, nearly all the roads in Abuja, there are lanes for bicycle.

“Any other state that wants to go ahead can do that but they must provide lanes for bicycle so that we do not have numerous accidents,” Amaechi said.

He said that using bicycles as a means of transportation was not new, especially in countries such as China, UK and Germany.

CGTN’s Kelechi Emkalam has more.


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