South Sudanese government urges Trump to reverse decision


South Sudan’s government is urging the United States to reverse sanctions it imposed on some of its officials.

Authorities there say the sanctions could be retrogressive. Barely 48 hours ago, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on three officials and three affiliated firms, just after fresh fighting between government and opposition forces. An American journalist was killed during the flare up.

South Sudan’s unity government says sanctions won’t help put an end to the ongoing violence in the country.

It wants the U.S. to reverse its decision to place sanctions on one former and two current government officials.

South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry argues that the government has made considerable progress in the implementation of the 2015 African Union brokered peace deal and therefore, there is no need for the sanctions.

The sanction comes at a time when renewed fighting has taken place between opposition forces loyal to former vice president Riek Machar and government troops in several parts of the country, with the latest clashes just over a week ago in the town of Kaya which led to the death of American Freelance journalist, Christopher Allen who was embedded there with the rebels.

South Sudan’s government has also raised concerns over slow progress in the process of the revitalisation forum, which was to set up a realistic timetable and corrective measures for the implementation of the 2015 peace deal.

The government here says it will continue with the implementation of the peace agreement and is calling on other countries to support several processes such as the national dialogue, which Juba believes could help compliment the implementation of the peace agreement.

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